Social Responsibility

At Coffee Pound we recognise our social responsibility towards the significant social and social environmental impact related within all areas of our business activity. We work hard towards decreasing our environmental impact by placing a lot of effort in trying to source products that are:



Renewable/Sustainable Resource:

A resource that can be sustained at current levels if the current consumption trend continues. Paper and board derived from properly managed timber is a sustainable resource. As conventional plastics are derived from oil, they are not sustainable resources.




Biodegradable items are those in which the degradation results from the action of naturally occurring microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.




Where products are correctly described as compostable, this refers to their suitability for treatment in a commercial composter where they are exposed to the optimal amounts of sunlight, temperature and moisture to break- down in a set period of time.




A product or material is recyclable if it can be separated, collected and reprocessed into a new product.




We endeavor as best we can to separate organic waste and recyclable waste. We also ensure to separate plastics, glass and cans when disposing of our rubbish.